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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQ’s:


I’d like to bring a guest with me to the Friday Networking Event and Saturday Banquet.  How much would that cost?

This option is only available to sponsor attendees.  Sponsors, please contact your representative for more information on costs

We are trying to form a budget for this event, what are the registration costs?

Registration can be found here: http://www.sweregioneconference.org/Registrations

All the costs are laid out on our Attendance Fees page ( http://sweregioneconference.org/page-1810334 ) so that you can develop your budget.   We offer an early bird rate for registration prior to January 15 – which amounts to a $25 discount for both SWE members & non-members.

There is a Friday networking event and a Sunday networking breakfast so if you are opting for the full registration, it can be worth it to stay both nights.  Again, that might be dictated by your budget and there will be an option if you do the full registration (versus Saturday Workshops & Career Fair Only) that will ask what events you will be attending.


What’s the cancellation policy for the conference?

Refunds must be requested by email to [email protected] by February 6 . No refunds after February 6th .

Are men allowed to attend the conference?

Yes, men are allowed (& encouraged!) to attend.

Male collegiate attendees will be able to take part in the collegiate+hotel rate. The collegiate hotel option is done by gender and any male collegiate attendees registering would be placed in a room with other male attendees from colleges in our region.

For collegiate sections, do you recommend we register as individuals or as a group?

Unfortunately, we do not have an option to register as a group.  You will need to register as individuals (or have one contact register all attending).  We have an excel template you can use for collecting the data from all attendees.

If you are opting to use the Collegiate+Hotel registration option, we highly recommend you coordinate with your section ahead of time on roommate requests.  When you register for the conference, it will ask you for 3 roommate requests and if you coordinate with your section members on who is rooming with whom and are consistent with how that is filled out when you register, it will help ensure that you will room together at the conference.

Why don’t you have an option to register as a group?

The software we use allows only for the registration of individual attendees.  We value the information you provide as it helps us create statistics on the number of attendees, engineering disciplines & graduation years of collegiate attendees.  This information is all compiled and shared with sponsors to ensure that we have a fantastic career fair and help keep conference registration costs low for attendees.

I’m registering multiple attendees for my university/company and need to pay for them on one credit card.  How do I go about doing this?

For registration of the multiple attendees, you will need to individually register each attendee.  At the end of registration, there is an option to "pay by check".  Select this option for each attendee.

Once you have entered in all the registrations, send a paypal credit card payment request for the total amount (include the invoice numbers in the comments)

When I was registering for the full conference, why did it ask me what events I would be attending?

We ask this to ensure we have an accurate head count for the meals at our conference.  If you do not select one of these events, you will not receive a ticket for it in your registration packet.  For example, if you plan on attending the full conference but know you will head home after the Saturday Banquet, we ask that you not select the Sunday Breakfast in your registration.

Similar to planning a wedding or other event, we pay for each head at every meal, so if all our full conference attendees said they were attending the Sunday breakfast, but only 25% of them actually came, this can amount to a few thousand dollars in meal costs. By selecting the events you know you will attend, this helps us keep our registration costs down for future region conferences.


I’m a faculty advisor – how should I register to ensure that I’ll be at the same hotel as the students?

Faculty advisors need to register as full participants of the conference (not students).  You will also need to contact the hotel to reserve a hotel room separately under our SWE block of rooms.  Students will be housed 4 to a room to minimize costs and as an advisor, we’re assuming you would require your own room.

Do most participants stay overnight both Friday and Saturday nights?

Collegiates that opt to register for the full conference + Hotel stay for both Friday & Saturday nights (this is the only option for that registration selection).

Professionals do not have the option to register with hotel as part of their registration costs and their hotel registrations vary for staying both Friday & Saturday nights, just Friday or just Saturday. This all depends on your commute and your comfort level.

Attendees who opt to only attend during the day on Saturday most likely do not stay overnight as this registration option does not include the Saturday night Banquet.  The Saturday only registration includes Breakfast & Lunch, along with attending the conference workshops, SWE Meetings & Career Fair.

I want to register with the Collegiate + Hotel option, how do I know who I’ll be rooming with and where?

When you register, you will have the option to list up to 3 potential roommates.  Our registration chair will book rooms as she receives the registrations and do her best to ensure roommate requests are granted.  Once she gets 4 collegiates placed in a hotel room, she will send you a confirmation email.

We do our best to ensure that the collegiate attendees who select this option will be placed in the main room block, however, in the event our main room block fills up, you would be placed in a nearby hotel.

I’m the only collegiate attending from my school – who will I room with?

We will place you with up to 3 other awesome attendees (based by gender).  This is a great way to meet other SWE members from our region and network.

My school will only pay for the registration fee, but not the hotel.  Is there any way I can still take advantage of the Collegiate+Hotel registration option?

Yes, register as collegiate with hotel, but do not pay when given the option. Send an e-mail to [email protected] indicating that you want to pay with two separate cards and we will send you separate invoices. NOTE: The Collegiate+Hotel option is only available to those who use the early-bird registration.

I want to pay by check, is that possible?

Yes, register normally. When you are asked to pay do not perform that step. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name and invoice number. She will provide you the information for sending a check.

Registration Codes & Discounts:

I’m a collegiate section president, how do I receive the code for free registration?

There will need to be 4 or more students registered from your school in order to receive free registration.

Once they have registered, send an email to [email protected] with their names and invoice numbers (if you have them).

Once we have received & verified this information, we will provide you with the code for the free registration. If 4 other students do not register for the conference, you will need to register as a regular collegiate attendee.

I’m interested in exhibiting at the career fair, but I can’t seem to register on the site.  How do I receive the code to register as an exhibitor?

If you’re interest in exhibiting at our career fair, the code is provided by our sponsorship committee.  If you're interested in exhibiting at our career fair, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll walk you through the process of signing up and assign you with a liaison from our sponsorship committee to work with you from the moment you commit to the conference itself.

Are discounts given for speakers?

We do offer a discount for speakers planning on attending the full conference.  Our conference workshop chairs will provide you with the discount code once you are selected and confirmed as a speaker or workshop facilitator at the conference.

If you are a speaker and only coming to give the workshop you are presenting, you do not have to register for the conference. Only if you wish to attend other events at the conference will you need to register.

General Questions:

What is the dress code for the conference?

Most attendees will be in business casual attire for most of the conference.  Speakers might be more likely to wear business attire (and of course career fair attendees will be in suits). People do tend to dress up a bit for the banquet ... dresses are pretty common, but pants are fine too!

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