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Building Membership

Having trouble maintaining your membership or getting new people involved in your section? Come learn about tools to gain and retain members. Following this session you'll be able to recognize the membership cycle, recite your value statement, describe ways to target new members, and explain how to create a membership plan. Use your experiences to become SWE's best advocate!

Christine Stahlecker is currently a Senior Industrial Engineer at Toys R Us in Mt Olive, NJ. Previously she worked for Hallmark Cards as an Industrial Engineer in Enfield, CT. She holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her SWE career began over 10 years ago as Secretary and President of the RIT collegiate section. In the Hartford professional section she held the roles of Section Representative, Vice President, and Awards Chair. She is currently on the Leadership Coaching Committee as a Leadership Coach in Region E and is a Section Representative in the New Jersey section.

Shelby Coppolino first became a member of SWE as a collegiate at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). At UMBC she held the positions of Treasurer, Vice President, and President as well as FY14 SWE Future Leader.  Currently she is a Test and Development Engineer and an active SWE member of the Baltimore Washington Section, as well as a Leadership Coach in Region E.

How to get support for SWE leadership (or how to get by without it)

We all know how leadership positions in SWE can be great pathways to professional development and help you work on key leadership competencies outside of the office.  But employers don’t always see that value as clearly, particularly when they haven’t had experience supporting other SWE members in the past. This talk will present best practices for encouraging your employer to provide support for your SWE participation and leadership efforts, including what to ask for and how to ask for it.  Additionally, if you ultimately can’t get your employer’s support, this presentation will explore how you can continue your involvement and leadership in SWE while minimizing the personal cost to you and maximizing your work/life/SWE balance.

Alexis McKittrick, Ph.D. currently serves as the Chair of SWE’s Strategic Planning Committee. A SWE member since 2001, she has held a number of society positions, including Region E (Mid-Atlantic) Governor, Chair of the Government Relations and Public Policy Committee and Advocacy Advisory Board member. Alexis currently works for IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute in Washington, DC, which provides technical and analytical support for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Libby Taylor is Region E Governor and an Operations Technical Support Lean Engineer at Axalta Coating Systems.  She has 10+ years manufacturing & process engineering experience.  In 2013, she pursued her Master Brewer Certification at Siebel Institute and worked as a brewer at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.  An active SWE member since 2000 as a ChemE undergrad at Carnegie Mellon, she has served in many SWE roles at the local, region and society levels.

Helping to Close the Gender Gap in STEM - What we can do for our girls

While there have been marked improvements in the amount of girls pursuing STEM majors in college, statistics and studies still show that the percentage of girls interested in STEM does not match the percentage of girls entering college.  Recent research has shown that shifts in teaching styles can help girls become more successful in STEM and hopefully increase the amount of girls who want to pursue a STEM major.  Ideas on helping build Growth Mindset, confronting and overcoming Stereotype Threat, and teaching methods to address different learning styles will be presented.

Kristin Angello is a physics and engineering teacher at LaFayette Jr/Sr High school. She was a civil engineer for 13 years before deciding to become an educator.  She is focused on building engineering literacy in her students and encouraging girls to pursue STEM opportunities. Ms. Angello is a recipient of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association STEM Teacher Award, the Technical Alliance of Central New York Outstanding Teacher Award, and the Syracuse 40 Under 40 Award.

Active Listening

This module will allow participants to recognize what may affect their ability to successfully be an active listener, and what the benefits of active listening are.

Cassandra Zook graduated from Drexel University in 2011 with a bachelors in computer engineering and Penn State in 2014 with a  masters in systems engineering.  She is a systems engineer working for the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division designing, installing, and maintaining steering control and navigation data distribution systems for naval vessels, primarily aircraft carriers.  Cassie has been active in SWE since her sophomore year in college and is currently a Section Representative for the Philadelphia Professional Section and Scholarship Coordinator Elect.

Melissa Mastro graduated from the University College London in September 2014 with her Masters of Science in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering. She obtained her bachelor's degree from The College of New Jersey in 2012 where she first joined SWE and later the CLCC. Melissa has been the Region E Team Lead for the CLCC since 2013 and has been a coach since 2011.

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